Environment Environment

A respect for the environment

Our goal is to help our clients operate vessels that fulfil both their commercial needs and their environmental obligations.

Our expertise and innovative thinking is applied throughout the design process to create cleaner, quieter, more efficient vessels.

We also advise on regulatory requirements andcompliance issues, and provide workable solutions that achieve compliance without hindering operations for all types of vessel.

And an eye on the future

Most marine operators face the twin challenges of rising fuel costs, and the desire to reduce emissions.

MID has an ongoing focus on energy consumption. Our clients look to us to help them boost efficiencies, minimise waste and reduce operating costs. We apply a range of innovative technologies that make a measurable difference to both their bottom line, and corporate responsibility.

Measures include:

  • Efficiency & life cycle solutions
  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Alternative propulsion solutions
  • Offshore renewable energy
  • Regulatory & operational analysis
  • Advanced pollution control systems
  • Recycling & life extensions
  • Resistance reduction
  • Fuel efficiency analysis