MID Difference MID Difference


MID team and company structure is constantly evolving to keep up with today’s marine industry.

Our professional services are continuously updated to cover all facets of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Our team maintain their professional development to provide innovative solutions – underpinned by experience, research and sound design principles.

With our global connections, we remain current with the ever-changing international standards and classification society regulations.

We utilise leading design and analysis software technology.


In the modern marine industry, the ability to provide a real-world solution is critical. Our team offers that ideal mix of technical excellence and practical experience. We’ve worked in shipyards and on board vessels. We know the realities of the industry; so we can ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to engineering and design.

We’ll match our service to your requirements – anywhere from initial scoping of the project, through to final construction drawings. We understand that solutions need to make financial sense - both for the initial build, and throughout the vessel’s lifespan.


Our track record shows we’re equipped to work with clients across the industry – no matter the scale of operation, the type of vessel, or where they’re based in the world.

Drawing upon our team’s collective experience, we can tailor a design solution to match your project needs producing a unique and innovative solution based on sound engineering principles and proven design features.

It’s important to us that our designs always perform as predicted, and that our clients are involved and well-advised throughout the process. With this approach, we’re confident to stand behind everything we design.

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